Acheter un bien immobilier en Albanie

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Initial agreement between the buyer and seller - Preliminary contract

1 - What form can this agreement take? Preliminary contract?

2 - With whom must the parties (buyer/seller) formalise the initial agreement? Is a legal form imposed?

3 - What are the legal effects of this preliminary contract? Is a preliminary contract necessary?

4 - Are there amounts to be paid, and to whom? Can these amounts be repaid?

5 - Are there any consumer protection measures (cooling-off period, right of withdrawal)?

6 - How can I obtain financing? Directly from the banks? Through brokers?

7 - What form does the financing agreement take?

8 - What do I need to do once I have obtained financing? Who draws up the loan agreement? To whom will the loan be paid?

9 - What are the usual types of guarantee requested to finance a residential real estate purchase?

10 - How do I constitute a mortgage/other type of security?

11 - What are the consequences of this mortgage for me?

12 - What types of information/documents are required for a real estate sale? Concerning the parties? Concerning the property sold?

13 - Who collects the information/documents?

14 - How long does it take to obtain this information?

Signature of the contract

Signature of the act

1 - Is there a compulsory form for the sale agreement (e.g. notarised)?

2 - If several forms are possible, are some more secure or more risky than others?

3 - What is involved in the signature of the act?

4 - What are the resulting rights and obligations?

Performance of the contract

Implementation of a certain number of public rights applicable to the sale

1 - What rights must generally be implemented for a real estate sale? Right of first refusal? Preferential right? Compulsory administrative document or authorisation? Etc.

2 - How and at what point does the buyer become the owner of the property?

3 - At what point is the payment made? By the buyer? To the seller?

4 - How must I make the payment?

5 - How can I guarantee that the mortgages taken on the property against the seller will disappear?

6 - What taxes are usually payable on a real estate sale? Are the rates available on an official website?

7 - How and by whom are the taxes calculated?

8 -When and where is the tax payment due?

9 - At what point can the new owner take possession of the property (handing over of keys) ?

10 - What is the procedure for publication of the sale agreement?

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