Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the executive and governing body of UINL.

It manages the activities of UINL within the framework of the relative programme adopted by the General Meeting ensuring the implementation thereof. 

It manages ordinary business and supervises the fulfilment of tasks by the Administrative Secretariat.

It appoints the representatives of UINL at International Organisations.

lt appoints the members and boards of the commissions (excluding  presidents) and ratifies the ones of working groups, selected in compliance with the provisions under article 17g) and 17h). In case of urgency it can establish ad hoc working groups on its own initiative.

It supervises the evolution of finances and, within this framework, approves, if necessary, any funding requiring a prompt decision; it also draws up the annual accounts and the budget to be submitted to the General Meeting for approval.

It approves and amends the bye-laws, other than the general bye-laws of UINL.

It fulfils all the duties and missions that the General Meeting of Members assigns to it.