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ONPI: Permanent Notarial Office of International Exchange

The Permanent Notarial Office of International Exchange (ONPI), founded in the same year as the Union, has the fundamental mission of providing information to notaries, notariats and persons working for or with the UINL. It is based in Buenos Aires.
ONPI has a management committee consisting of a president, one or two vice presidents, a secretary, a treasurer and up to ten members, all of them appointed by the Management Board. It further includes alternate members and correspondents for the International Notarial Review (RIN), all of them designated by the Management Board.
ONPI’s activity is supervised by the Management Board, and its functions are detailed in ONPI’s Regulations.
Such functions include, among others:

  • Publishing and disseminating the International Notarial Review (RIN);
  • Drafting and disseminating the Electronic Newsletter for Individual Members;
  • Exchanging information and knowledge with UINL’s Administrative Secretariat;
  • Performing all tasks entrusted by the Management Board.