Secure Notarial Seal

Link to the Secure Notarial Seal website:

The "Secure Notarial Seal" (SNS) is a special high-security double stamp which will be affixed by the "originating" notary on his deeds (or copies thereof), that are destined to circulate within his own country or abroad (for instance powers of attorney, marriage contract etc.).

Format 88 x 45 mm

Each SNS contains a sequential number (consisting of several digits and one letter at the end to indicate the series) that can be used to identify the Notary to which it has been assigned, by consulting the website

The system for the secure circulation of notarial deeds is based on the voluntary involvement of UINL member Notariats that signed the participation charter.

The SNS serves two purposes:

  • first, it offers an additional guarantee of origin and material integrity of a document or copy thereof;
  • second, it combats the increasingly widespread phenomenon of circulation of counterfeit documents or counterfeit copies thereof.

The SNS does not replace in any way the legalization or apostille.

Consequently, original documents and copies thereof must be legalized or apostilled in accordance with the ordinary regulations in force in each country.