Discover the themes and coordinators of the International Congress of Notaries 2022 (Cancun, Mexico)

10 January 2022

The exercise of the notarial public function in times of pandemic and post-pandemic will be the leitmotif of the 2022 Congress. The themes of study will be as follows: Theme 1 - The exercise of the notarial public function in the virtual sphere. International coordinator: Not. Carlo Alberto Marcoz...

UINL publishes the Guidance on notarial authentication with online appearance

03 January 2022

The UINL General Meeting adopted the guidance on notarial authentication with online appearance on 3 december 2021. It is a guide calling for the respect of the principles of the Latin notariat in a context in order for the Member Notariats to have a digital activity consistent with the notarial pu...

Season´s Greetings

22 December 2021

Discover the projects unanimously approved by the UINL General Meeting of Member Notariats in video

08 December 2021

Notariats of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan became members of the UINL

03 December 2021
The Assembly of Member Notariats of the UINL meeting in virtual session on Friday 3 December 2021 approved the admission of the Notariat of Kazakhstan and the Notariat of Uzbekistan as the 90th and 91st members of the International Union of Notaries. 


Press releases

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27 May 2022

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22 May 2022

Publication of an article on the Notariat of Japan...

20 May 2022