UINL 29th International Congress of Notaries - Website registration tutorial

22 May 2019
This video explains step by step how to register online for the 29th International Congress of Notaries to be held in Jakarta, on November 27-30, 2019. 

"We firmly believe in the construction of peace by the notaries" - inauguration of the UINL institutional meetings in Veracruz (Mexico) by the Secreta...

18 May 2019

The UINL institutional meetings were held in Mexico from May 15 to 18, 2019, in the state of Veracruz, where the first notarial act was written 500 years ago. "(...) the notaries have been present in the very origins of (the) country. Thus, on April 21, 1519, the date on which the notary Diego de Go...

Vuelta al mundo de la prensa notarial (por la Oficina Notarial Permanente de Intercambio Internacional - ONPI)

17 May 2019

La Oficina Notarial Permanente de Intercambio Internacional tiene como objetivo servir como centro de recogida y difusión de los trabajos de la UINL y de todos los documentos científicos relacionados con el Notariado. Publica y difunde la Revista Internacional del Notariado (RIN) ; también comparte...

Release of the new UINL 29th International Congress of notaries promotional video

15 May 2019

On 27-30 November 2019, the Indonesian Notaries Association (INI) will be hosting the 29th International Congress of the International Union of Notaries (International Congress of Notaries) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event, which is held every three years, is of utmost important in the activities...


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27 Feb 2023

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