Virtual meeting of the UINL Steering Committee

13 July 2020

On 10 July 2020, the members of the UINL Steering Committee met for their second meeting of the 2020-2022 legislature, which was held, for the first time, by videoconference. President Armella stated at the opening of the meeting: "Despite the pandemic, we continue to work intensely and it is a dem...

2020 Virtual University opens on July 16!

07 July 2020

For the first time in eight editions, the World Notariat University “Jean-Paul Decorps” will be entirely virtual. This year, 80 students representing 34 countries around the world will meet to work on the theme "The notary: a protagonist for legal security in Civil Law: Protection of the citizen - ...

Couples in Europe - Matrimonial and Registered Partnership Regimes National law of 33 European countries

29 June 2020

Knowledge of foreign law on proprietary relationships between spouses and registered partners, especially after the adoption of the two EU regulations (2016/1103 and 2016/1104), remains of particular interest to legal practitioners (be they judges, notaries or lawyers), as they may often be called ...

Argentina - Estudio "Emergencia, pandemia, tecnología y notariado" puesta a disposición de los notarios del mundo

24 June 2020

El estudio "Emergencia, pandemia, tecnología y notariado - La autenticidad, la fe pública y la seguridad jurídica e informática" (Argentina) es puesto a disposición por sus autores. Autores: Armella, Cristina Noemí Cosola, Sebastián Justo Esper, Mariano Guardiola, Juan José Lamber, Néstor Daniel Mo...

CNUE publishes second issue of its mook, devoted to the fight against money laundering

19 June 2020

As part of the Training III programme “Europe for Notaries – Notaries for Europe”, the CNUE is publishing the second issue of its “mook”, this time devoted to the fights against money laundering. This publication is intended to give European notaries, and more broadly practitioners, an overview of t...


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27 Feb 2023

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