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Release of the new UINL 29th International Congress of notaries promotional video

15 May 2019

On 27-30 November 2019, the Indonesian Notaries Association (INI) will be hosting the 29th International Congress of the International Union of Notaries (International Congress of Notaries) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event, which is held every three years, is of utmost important in the activities...

Diffusion of the 31st Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries material

14 May 2019

The 31st Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries took place in Salzburg on April 25-26, 2019. Approximately 230 participants from 23 countries were gathered during the event. The Conference dealt with the following theme: “Europe as a Unifying Principle – Ambition & Realisation”. The presented ...

TCHAD – Les innovations de la nouvelle loi notariale quant à l’accès à la profession

10 May 2019

Au Tchad, le notariat, qui était régi lors de la libéralisation de la profession en 1996 par un décret, notamment le décret n°630/MJ/PR/96, est désormais régi par la loi n°022/PR/2019, adoptée par l’Assemblée Nationale le 8 avril 2019 et promulguée par le Président de la République du Tchad. Ladite...


Press releases

Two days of online closing for the World Notariat ...

23 Oct 2020

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16 Oct 2020

October 2nd, 2020. World Day of Notaries

01 Oct 2020