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Two days of online closing for the World Notariat University 2020

23 October 2020

The final webinars of World Notariat University “Jean-Paul Decorps” took place on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October 2020. This virtual edition 2020 brought together 84 students from 35 countries from all continents around a scientific committee composed of the following personalities: - Sci...

CNUE - Interprofessional webinar on the fight against money laundering with the participation of UINL expert

16 October 2020

CNUE held an interprofessional webinar on the fight against money laundering on 6 October 2020. This workshop was held within the framework of the 2018-2020 training programme “Europe for Notaires - Notaires for Europe” supported by the European Union. Some 120 participants took part in the discuss...

CNUE - Webinar : Anti-money laundering law and notarial compliance

13 October 2020

- CNUE information - CNUE organizes for 2018-2020 a training programme called “Europe for Notaries - Notaries for Europe” with the support of the European Union. It involves the organisation, in partnership with the national notarial authorities, of 21 seminars in 14 Member States. Twelve of the t...

UN-Habitat World Homelessness Day 2020

12 October 2020

In the context of its cooperation with UN-Habitat, UINL is pleased to share the following information with its readers : - UN DESA communication - Homelessness is one of the most evident illustration of poverty and social exclusion occurring in all countries and cities, threatening the health and ...

Le Congrès des Notaires de France « PROTEGER » est accessible en ligne !

05 October 2020

- Communiqué des Notaires de France - Cette année, le 116ème Congrès des Notaires de France est accessible en ligne et tous les notaires de France et de l’étranger peuvent s’inscrire en tant que e-congressiste. 6 plénières, 51 masterclasses... Les travaux du Congrès peuvent être suivis depuis n’imp...


Press releases

Two days of online closing for the World Notariat ...

23 Oct 2020

Seminario virtual "El Notario y su labor preventiv...

16 Oct 2020

October 2nd, 2020. World Day of Notaries

01 Oct 2020