Individual Members

Become an Individual Member of the International Union of Notaries!

The notarial fonction in the world.

The International Union of Notaries is an international organization, which comprises notarial organizations from 89 countries, which have Roman Law as a basis for their legal systems.
Founded in Buenos Aires on 2nd October 1948, the Union promotes, coordinates and develops the notarial fonction throughout the World.

Become an Individual Member


Why become individual member ?

A new tool to support the Union.

The UINL, acknowledging the interest of a large number of Notaries in its activities, has decided to create the category of affiliated individual members who support its projects and initiatives by permitting both practising and candidate notaries to join.


Who can become individual member ?

Membership opened to all notaries.

Providing they belong to a member notariat of UINL, practising and retired notaries, as well as candidate notaries may become individual members.

Advantages of the individual membership

Individual members are bound in a privileged way to the Union, in particular, they receive the access keys to the Union intranet and can consult and download the studies, works and publications of the Union. 

Individual members have the right to participate in the International Notarial Congresses, in seminars, days and symposia organized or co-organized by the Union, with a reduction on registration fees.


How to join?

It’s very simple to join!

Just fill in the application form (downloadable from the UINL web page) and send it to the administrative secretariat of the Union :
International Union of Notaries
Administrative Secretariat – Individual member’s management
Via Flaminia, 160 - 00196 Rome, Italy
Tél.: ++39.06.320.83.84 - Fax: ++39.06/36091499


Contribution and payment method:

A fast and secure payment.

The individual membership is acquired against payment of a yearly fee of 100 Euros or 100 USD.
It is possible to pay by bank transfer or credit card.


When does membership end?

Individual membership can be renewed each year by payment of the yearly fee at the beginning of the year.
Membership ends by resignation sent in writing to the UINL secretariat or by the nonpayment of the yearly fee.


Don’t hesitate, become an individual member to give the International Union of Notaries the means to promote and support the world notariat!