The Vulnerable in Europe

European citizens are increasingly on the move and many decide to settle abroad when they retire for reasons tied to more favourable taxation or more simply, quality of life choices.
They do this, of course, in old age when health concerns tend to increase. Many of them are therefore likely to be faced one day with issues tied to medical care, accidents, and even disability or incapacity in their new country of residence.
It is therefore essential to be familiar with the legal rules in force in these new countries which are often very different from those of one’s country of origin.
It is equally important to be familiar with these rules when citizens expatriate at a younger age, with their families, for example, for work-related reasons. It is essential to be familiar with the rules governing the status of minors.
This is why the European Affairs Commission of UINL has decided to provide European citizens with some factsheets on the different legislations in European countries outside the EU and in the United Kingdom, knowing that those concerning EU member states can be found on the website

For the countries Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain please visit the website of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE)