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Tools for Citizens

Today, numerous working and retired European citizens decide to live outside their countries of origin.
As a result, in their new countries of residence, these expatriates may be faced with some issues, such as: how to purchase property, how to deal with conditions of vulnerability or incapacity and how to handle succession in case of death.
It therefore seemed essential to CAE to provide citizens concerned with simple answers to the most frequent questions concerning these three four areas: property, vulnerable persons, successions and couples in Europe, knowing that for the member states of the European Union, answers can be found on the website of the Council of Notariats of the European Union under the menu “Practical Tools”.



The International Union of Notaries will work with Bolivia in the fight against money laundering

Press releases

The International Union of Notaries will work with Bolivia in the fight against money laundering


Madrid, 25 October 2018 - José Marqueño, president of the International Union of Notaries (UINL), which brings together notaries from 88 countries including Bolivia, and Teresa Morales, executive director general of the Financial Investigations Unit (UIF) of Bolivia, signed an agreement this morning to collaborate in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Through this agreement, both institutions will develop joint initiatives in Bolivia, such as the organisation of courses, seminars and academic activities; the development of computer applications and tools and the circulation of studies and works of mutual interest. Bolivian notaries have a legal duty to collaborate in the prevention of these crimes, as do most of the world's notaries.

One of UINL’s priorities in this legislature, as was agreed by its General Assembly in Argentina last September, is the enhancement and development of mechanisms to increase the collaboration of notaries from the 88 countries that form part of it, around 300,000 in total, in the fight against economic crime.

About the UIF

Created in 1997, the Financial Investigations Unit is an entity that reports to the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Bolivia, responsible for regulating the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in collaboration with other authorities; investigating possible crimes of legitimation of illicit profits and others under its jurisdiction and carrying out the analysis, processing and transmission of information to prevent and detect these types of crimes.