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Tools for Citizens

Today, numerous working and retired European citizens decide to live outside their countries of origin.
As a result, in their new countries of residence, these expatriates may be faced with some issues, such as: how to purchase property, how to deal with conditions of vulnerability or incapacity and how to handle succession in case of death.
It therefore seemed essential to CAE to provide citizens concerned with simple answers to the most frequent questions concerning these three four areas: property, vulnerable persons, successions and couples in Europe, knowing that for the member states of the European Union, answers can be found on the website of the Council of Notariats of the European Union under the menu “Practical Tools”.



1,500 notaries meet in Jakarta for the 29th UINL International Congress

Press releases

1,500 notaries meet in Jakarta for the 29th UINL International Congress


- press release -

The notaries of Indonesia welcome from 27 to 30 November 2019 the world meeting of the Member Notariats of the International Union of Notaries (UINL).

1500 notaries representing 89 Member countries and 4 continents are gathering in Jakarta for this 29th International Congress.
The assembly will deal with the Notariat’s principles in the 21st century, the support of natural persons, and finally the new industrial revolution.

An International Congress every three years

The UINL International Congress is held every three years, at the end of the legislature. According to the statutes of the organization, its purpose is to establish scientific studies on legal topics of interest to the notaries, to offer a forum to exchange experiences, and to inform the society on the role of notaries and their function at the service of the State and of the citizens.
In 2019, it is the Notariat of Indonesia, with its President Mrs. Yualita Widyadhari, who organizes the event.

The same vision of the notarial function in 89 countries

The Notariats that form the UINL conceive the notary as a public officer who exercises by delegation of the State a public function within the framework of a private professional structure. Its mission is to confer authenticity to legal acts and contracts, by controlling legality and providing legal advice in an independent and impartial manner. The notarial function extends to all non-litigious legal activities. The notary accompanies the person, from birth to death, and also companies in all stages of their development.

Notary of the 21st century, physical person, industrial revolution 4.0

The first theme of the Congress deals with the "Validity of Notarial principles in the 21st Century", i.e. the role that notaries play in the context of the latest evolutions of society.
The second theme is the study of the "notary and the natural person", that is to say the position of the notary as a trusted third party and an authority of institutional support for individuals, especially the most vulnerable.
Finally, the forum will discuss the "Revolution 4.0. : legal aspects in doing business", questioning more specifically the challenges and opportunities that this implies for the notarial profession.

Presence of national and international authorities

The national authorities of Indonesia, including the President of the Republic, Ir. Joko Widodo and the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Prof. Yasonna Laoly, will participate in the Opening Ceremony. Other foreign authorities, such as the Deputy Minister of Justice of Belarus, Mr. Mikalai Staravoitau, the Director General of the Ministry of Justice of Lebanon, Judge Rola Jadayel, and the Cambodian Secretary of State, Mr. Chiv Songhak, will be present. Representatives of several international organizations and ambassadors from 89 Member countries are also invited. Finally, delegations of non-member Notariats such as Cambodia or the Democratic Republic of Congo will attend the meetings.

The International Union of Notaries (UINL)

The International Union of Notaries (UINL) has been an international non-governmental organization since 1948. It is composed by the Notariats of 89 countries that share a common vision of the notary as a public officer, of the notarial document and of the notarial function. The UINL aims to promote, coordinate and develop the function and activities of notaries around the world on topics such as access to land ownership; the legal protection of vulnerable persons or the fight against the financing of terrorism and money laundering.

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