"The notary helps to fight against money laundering", interview with President Marqueño de Llano by the newspaper El Peruano

01 November 2019

The official daily newspaper El Peruano interviewed President José Marqueño de Llano during his visit to Peru in October 2019. During this meeting, the UINL President recalled the fundamental principles of the notarial function: - Collaboration with public authorities, especially nowadays regarding ...

2019 Global Youth Video Competition – Winning video and diffusion

21 October 2019

The winners of the 2019 Global Youth Video Competition were announced on September 21, 2019 at the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Climate Summit that took place in New York as part of the UN climate summit. The annual Global Youth Video Competition is an opportunity for youth from around the world to ...

Discover the soundtrack created for the Jakarta Congress!

17 October 2019

- REMINDER - For its 29th edition, the International Congress of Notaries will be held for the first time in Asia. The UINL invites all notaries worldwide to join this important meeting of the International Notariat in Jakarta (Indonesia) from 27 to 30 November 2019. The UINL International Congress,...

The Spanish notariat is working on the transposition of EU Directive 2019/1151

11 October 2019

Source: Consejo General del Notariado español The European Union Directive 2019/1151 on the use of digital tools and processes in Company Law was passed in June by the European Parliament and the Council, setting August 2021 as the deadline for its transposition into national law. Once the Directiv...

CNUE publishes first issue of its mook, devoted to family law

10 October 2019

Source : CNUE website As part of the Training III programme “Europe for Notaries – Notaries for Europe”, the CNUE is publishing the first issue of a “mook” on European family law. The publication can be viewed at the following links: - In English - In French In the context of the application of the...


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