How can the notarial profession be a vector of equality between men and women?

27 February 2024

Webinar of the "GENDER EQUALITY" working group - March 8, 2024. For the third consecutive year, the "GENDER EQUALITY" working group, chaired by Honorary President Cristina Armella, is organizing a webinar to mark International Women's Day. Speakers from four continents (America, Africa, Asia and Eu...

Fundación Aequitas announces the Heroes Anonymous Award

27 February 2024

The Heroes Anonymous Award was created to distinguish individuals or legal entities who work daily in favor of disabled people. The prize will be awarded during an official ceremony to be held in September at the Palacio de Linares in Madrid. A sum of 12,000 euros will be attributed with the prize. ...

Apply for the 3rd UINL Prize for Legal Research!

14 February 2024

For the 3rd consecutive edition, the International Union of Notaries (UINL) will reward unpublished research works on persons with disabilities, the elderly, immigrants, children, refugees or other groups who are in a vulnerable position. Authors may submit their study in English, French or Spanish,...

The UINL Steering Committee met in Vienna

12 February 2024

The UINL Steering Committee met in Vienna, Austria, on Friday February 9, 2024. The meetings focused in particular on the preparation of the next UINL congress, to be held in Berlin in October 2025, and enabled significant progress on the notarial codification project. Warmly welcomed by the Austri...

Lithuanian notary Marius Stračkaitis is the new President of the CNUE

12 January 2024

At the handover ceremony held in Vilnius on Thursday 11 January, Lithuanian notary Marius Stračkaitis became the new president of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) for 2024. He takes over from German notary Dr. Peter Stelmaszczyk and now represents the 22 notariats of the Eur...


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Apply for the 3rd UINL Prize for Legal Research!

14 Feb 2024


27 Feb 2023

Dr. Peter Stelmaszczyk is the new President of the...

24 Jan 2023