What solutions for urbanisation in developing countries? UINL experts answer.


What solutions for urbanisation in developing countries? UINL experts answer.



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Webinar organized by the French Conseil Supérieur du Notariat together with UN-Habitat, the Economic Development Board Mauritius and the French Banque des Territoires 
Thursday 1st of July 2021
at 10.00 am (UTC +2)
Urbanisation is a major challenge in many developing countries faced with soaring demography. Rural-urban migration is becoming a major issue for countries that are, in most cases, unprepared due to lack of planning.
In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the figures are daunting.
Today, there are more than one billion urban residents, and by 2050 there will be twice as many.
Urban areas account for 40% of the population and will house almost 60% in 2050.
In fifteen years, Lagos will be home to 77 million people. Kinshasa, 61 million. Ouagadougou, 23 million. Abidjan, 21 million. Bamako, 19 million.
Sub-Saharan Africa is urbanising faster than any other part of the world. The problem is that it is not prepared for this urban explosion. Two-thirds of the investment in urban infrastructure needed by 2050 has not yet been made. This is a huge challenge and a great opportunity.
What applies to Africa applies to most developing countries in Asia and elsewhere.
The webinar addresses the challenges of urbanisation and the solutions that can solve them. A multidisciplinary team, including members of the French High Council for the Notarial Profession and the Order of Land Surveyors, proposes solutions adapted to each country. It has developed two kits, one on commonhold and the other on off-plan sales.
The webinar speakers are:

  • David AMBROSIANO, president of the High Council of the French notaries
  • Oumar SYLLA, Director for Africa of UN-Habitat, the United Nations programme for a better urban future
  • Heerun GHURBURRUN, Adviser for Trade and Investment Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Mauritius in France
  • Pierre BECQUE, notary, coordinator of the multidisciplinary team, ex-UINL Secretary
  • Hugues PERINET-MARQUET, President of the National Council for Real Estate Transactions and Management, Professor of Law at Panthéon-Assas University
  • Régine DOOH COLLINS, President of the Cameroonian Notarial Profession, UINL Honorary Vice-President for Africa, UINL Honorary CAAf President and UINL Vice-president of the Consultative Commission.
  • Gérard ROULEAU, delegate of the Order of Land Surveyors
  • Fatou MBALLO-THIAM, notary in Dakar (Senegal), UINL General Councillor and Secretary of the UINL Themes and Congresses Commission. 
  • Éliane FREMEAUX, honorary notary, member of the Institute for Legal Studies

More information on the website of the event.



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