Achieving Gender Equality in land tenure


Achieving Gender Equality in land tenure


The UINL closely works with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to support the UN 2030 Agenda and, more specifically, to contribute to the improvement of gender equality in land tenure in the Western Balkans. 

The Western Balkans regional initiative aims at improving gender equality and social inclusion in terms of property rights by promoting good practices among the related professionals. 

It all started with a thorough assessment. The results were very clear: female ownership was as low as 3% in some places and not more than 30% in most cases. In addition, notaries identified many cases where women lost or renounced (due to social pressure and wrong believes) their ownership. 

Since then, land administrations specialists, policy makers, gender officers, local NGOs, and notaries worked hard and contributed to the making of very practical guides for gender equality in land tenure. The good practises cover a wide range of actions, from collection of gender-disaggregated data, to mandatory consent of the spouse for any transaction involving matrimonial property. From presumption of co- or joint ownership to mandatory registration of both spouse (simplified procedures and tax incentives to do so), and to inheritance granted right. They also urge legislative reforms when needed as well as free/mobile legal assistance, and so forth. 

FAO, GIZ and UINL are currently finalizing the publication of these two guidelines of high interest for the land administrations and legal professionals in the region:

  • Guidelines for notaries on gender equitable land tenure – Western Balkans
  • Guidance on Gender equitable land tenure for registration officers – Westerns Balkans

Notaries are key players in this process, and the UINL is committed to play a critical role in achieving Gender Equality in land tenure (SDG target 5.a.2). To do so, the UINL is taking initiative to build up on the Western Balkans experience and develop Guidelines for notaries on gender equitable land tenure for a global use. 



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