Webinar of the UINL Group for the Development and Protection of Women´s Rights


Webinar of the UINL Group for the Development and Protection of Women´s Rights


The UINL Group "Women and men notaries of the 21st century for the development  and protection of women´s rights" recently created by President ARMELLA, and mainly composed of women, met virtually on Wednesday November 9th 2022, to discuss women's rights and gender equality.

First, the Group highlighted the first women notaries, with the history of Aurora Teixeira de Castro, first woman notary of Portugal, and Luz Castillo Diaz-Ordaz, first woman notary of Guatemala, presented by Notary Lucia M. ATAIDE, from Lisbon, and Professor Lorena Isabel FLORES ESTRADA, Notary in Guatemala.

These women are examples of resilience and determination, as they became notaries in a time when civil laws did not give them capacity to hold public offices. For this reason, the UINL has a project to identify the first woman notary in each UINL Member state to raise awareness of their accomplishments.

The group also discussed Digital gender violence. Not. Karina Vanesa SALIERNO, from Argentina, explained that this new form of violence has spillover effects: through it, women are silenced and placed in subordinate positions in society. Thus, digital violence is a  threat to gender equality and freedom of expression.

In that respect, the notarial deed can have a preventive and protective function: it is a valid and effective instrument for pre-constitution of evidence in digital proceedings.

Finally, the Group reminded that notarial profession, as public authority and institutional support, plays an important role in the protection of vulnerable persons.

In that regard, the UINL President took the opportunity of the webinar to introduce Victoria BAYÓN, Legacies Marketing Officer UNICEF in Argentina, to make known UN WOMEN and UNICEF programs about protection of women and girls with disabilities.

Conclusions of the group will be presented on International Women's Day, on March 8th 2023.

"La salud de un pueblo descansa sobre el religioso e inviolable respeto de los derechos de todos: hombres y mujeres, y para garantizar esos derechos la sociedad debe a sus miembros protección por igual, justicia por igual. Aquel cuya voluntad depende de otro y no goza de independencia y personalidad, jamás podrá ser considerado como persona completa. Está bien la tutela en el menor, en el incapaz; pero ya no tiene razón de ser tutela, que, de una manera velada, se sujeta a la mujer y que se justificó en tiempos pasados; pero que ahora, en pleno Siglo XX es una ironía".

Luz Castillo Diaz-Ordaz, Primera mujer graduada como notaria en Guatemala, 1927

“I hope that all notaries, at all times in their public life, continue to remember the nobility and dignity of their profession.

May we never forget that it is our spirit of righteousness and justice, our dignity, and our knowledge, on which considerably depends the concord of men, the faith of contracts and the guarantee of the assets of the citizens.”

Aurora Teixeira de Castro, Primera mujer notaria en Portugal, 1923



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