Two days of online closing for the World Notariat University 2020


Two days of online closing for the World Notariat University 2020


The final webinars of World Notariat University “Jean-Paul Decorps” took place on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October 2020. 

This virtual edition 2020 brought together 84 students from 35 countries from all continents around a scientific committee composed of the following personalities: 
- Scientific Director, Thierry VACHON (France)
- Honorary President Jean-Paul DECORPS, founder of the University 
- UINL President, Not. Dra. Cristina N. ARMELLA for the "Family" module 
- Professor Christine MORIN (Quebec) for the " Person " module
- Professor Michel GRIMALDI (France) for the "Successions" module
- Professor Luc WEYTS (Belgium) for the "Estate" module

The Virtual University opened last July on the theme "The notary, a protagonist for legal security in civil Law: Protection of the citizen - Protection of society" with a particular focus on the response and adaptability of the notarial function during the pandemic. 

The work of the preparatory cycle led each student to answer the questionnaires of the professors and to prepare a summary video on the law in force in their country as well as on the consequences of the pandemic. 

The online exchanges allowed qualitative and interactive work between the students and their professors. 

During the closing sessions, the Honorary President Jean-Paul DECORPS communicated to the virtual assembly his thoughts on the social utility of the notary, both in the service of the citizen and the State. 

Then, each teacher drew up a synthesis of the answers received, involving the students during their presentation in order to highlight any particularities or similarities between countries or regions. 
The "FAMILY" Module highlighted the expansion - more or less accomplished depending on the countries - of the notary's competences in matters of union, separation and filiation. 
The "PERSON" module observed the limits to the respect of the autonomy of the will and in particular its articulation with the protection of the most vulnerable. 
The “SUCCESSIONS” Module recalled the diversity of legal regimes applicable to funeral rites throughout the world and the importance of the notary in estate planning. 
The "ESTATE" module was dedicated to the deed of sale of both real estate and movable properties, setting out the various obligations of the notary during the sale process.

The Scientific Director Thierry VACHON then asked the students about the possibility of electronic and remote authentic acts in their legislation, before and during the pandemic. The limits to be established on the type of acts that can benefit from these digital procedures and the technical elements were also discussed. 

"If today notaries retain his utility and evolve efficiently, it is thanks to the unique figure they have and the authentic act they draft. The notarial act is a real tool for security, and therefore for social peace. It is the cornerstone of civil law," he concludes in his general synthesis. 

Finally, the UINL President, Cristina N. ARMELLA, officially closed the 2020 Edition, inviting all the participants to attend the next UINL triennial Congress (2022), which will include an academic agenda for the University's young notaries.



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