The EU architecture against money laundering and terrorist financing and the role of the legal professions


The EU architecture against money laundering and terrorist financing and the role of the legal professions


The training seminar "The EU architecture against money laundering and terrorist financing and the role of the legal professions", which will be held in Rome on 31 March and 1 April 2022 at the Sala Capitolare - Palazzo Minerva of the Senate of the Italian Republic, with the assistance of Senator Franco Mirabelli, is just around the corner.

The seminar was born in the wake of the project LIGHT - Preventing Money Laudering, approved by the European Commission, within the Justice Programme 2014-2020 of the European Union.

Several high-level speakers will join the two-day event, which offers an update on the legal skills to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, including Dr. Mario Palazzi, Public Prosecutor of the Anti-Mafia District Directorate at the Court of Rome, Senator Felice Casson, former Public Prosecutor and Dr. Franco Roberti, former National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor.

The LIGHT project aims to increase the expertise of lawyers and notaries in preventing and combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism (Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism, AML/CFT), thereby strengthening their role in the implementation of AML/CFT rules and ensuring the effectiveness of AML/CFT policy.

The project stems from the Commission's 2019 Staff Working Document SWD (2019) 650, which exposed the significant AML vulnerability of the legal professions, started in December 2020 and will run until November 2022.

Four specific training seminars are planned, including this one in the Senate, and aims to:

  • Increasing the number of reliable STRs submitted by lawyers and notaries;
  • strengthening the preventive approach to AML/CFT;
  • Reducing the information asymmetry between the legal profession and the relevant authorities;
  • Improving the effectiveness of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing through the role of the legal professions;
  • Increasing mutual trust and information sharing between legal professions of different nationalities and between lawyers and notaries.

The conference will also be streamed live at and on the Italian Senate's YouTube channel.

Journalists must register for the event by writing to:


The Consortium
Led by Confprofessioni (Italian Confederation of Liberal Professions), sеven partners from four countries with a multifaceted nature and a common interest in AML/CFT: Association for Women Lawyers (from Bulgaria), European Council of the Liberal Professions (from Belgium), Federnotai (the Italian Federation of Notaries’ Associations), UINL – International Union of Notaries, the Spanish General Council of Notaries and the General Council of Spanish Lawyers aim at improving the understanding the competency of legal professions in AML/CFT via specific training activities targeting lawyers and notaries. These partners have been awarded an action grant to support transnational projects on judicial training covering civil law, criminal law or fundamental rights (JUST-JTRA-EJTR-AG- 2020).



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