The 84 students of the 2020 University meet the pedagogical team online - synthesis of this virtual meeting


The 84 students of the 2020 University meet the pedagogical team online - synthesis of this virtual meeting


On 16 July 2020, the 8th edition of the World Notariat University "Jean-Paul Decorps" was launched through an international webinar. 

During this virtual meeting, the 84 students representing 35 UINL countries met the pedagogical team :
- The Scientific Director, Thierry Vachon (France)
- The President of the UINL, Dra. Not. Cristina N. ARMELLA for the module "Family". 
- Professor Christine MORIN (Quebec) for the module "Person".
- Professor Michel GRIMALDI (France) for the module "Successions".
- Professor Luc WEYTS (Belgium) for the module "Estate".

In her opening speech, UINL President stated "Today, 16 July 2020, is an historic day for our international organization. Our annual training courses for young notaries, which have been held since 2012, have had to be adapted to the new reality we are facing (...) We have thus created a new virtual space for study and reflection.

The Scientific Director then presented the theme of this legislature "The notary: a protagonist for legal security in Civil Law: Protection of the citizen - Protection of the society" and the focus adopted for 2020 "Response and adaptability of the notarial function following the pandemic." This health crisis, he explains, "is indeed a unique laboratory for many initiatives; faced with the pandemic, our quest, as notaries, is not that of a vaccine or a treatment; it consists, in particular, in seeking the technological adaptations and changes necessary for our profession, while taking care not to sacrifice the essential elements of the notary's mission and the security attached to the acts that s/he draws up.” 

The working methodology for this original edition was also presented to the participants: the work of the 2020 University will be carried out entirely online. Thus, students will receive questionnaires and course materials and videos by e-mail. They will then work in modules thanks to digital exchanges. Their answers will also be sent by e-mail to their teachers, who should receive a written dossier accompanied by a summary video. The presentation of the synthesis and the closing of the University by webinar will take place in October 2020. 

Each teacher then briefly introduced his or her questionnaire. 

The theme "Family" integrates marriage, divorce, cohabitants, filiation, matrimonial regimes and the protection of the family home or couple. 

The theme "Person" will wonder about the concrete scope of the protection of a person: "Should a person be protected in spite of himself or herself? Should a person be protected even at the expense of his or her freedom?" questions Pr. Christine MORIN. 

The theme “Successions” aims to measure the importance of the notary's involvement in the preparation and settlement of a succession case, but also concerning the non-patrimonial consequences of death that the notary may have to deal with. "We want to highlight the impact of the pandemic on the notarial practice of successions" says Prof. Michel GRIMALDI. 

The theme “Estate” will deal with the notarial authentic act of sale or acquisition of a property. 
This act is of great importance, explains Prof. Luc WEYTS, because "it concerns, for many of us, the most important asset of our estate and, since the pandemic, it is not only the place where we live but also very often the place where we work. Moreover, the signing of this deed of sale is usually the first, and sometimes even the only contact a person has with his or her notary.”

Finally, UINL Honorary President and founder of the University, Jean-Paul DECORPS, gave a presentation to the virtual assembly on the cross-border circulation of notarial authentic documents before a lively question-and-answer session. 
He concludes “We must accompany the changes that are occurring in society at the beginning of the 21st century to justify our social usefulness and therefore our raison d'être. It is up to us to seek concrete and pragmatic solutions to simplify as far as possible the particularly cumbersome formalism associated with the cross-border circulation of documents.



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