UINL prize for legal research


UINL prize for legal research


The International Union of Notaries (UINL) announced the first Prize for legal research. All unpublished works on persons with disabilities, the elderly, immigrants, children, refugees or other groups who are in a vulnerable position will be eligible for the Prize.

Works may be presented in the following languages: English, French and Spanish, before 15:00 hours on 31st March 2019, by email, according to the terms and conditions shown below.

The Prize endowed with nine thousand euros will be awarded coinciding with the UINL international Congress that is celebrated every three years.




One: All unpublished works whose subject fits the wording of the same will be eligible for the Prize. In other words, works whose purpose is legal research on persons with disabilities, the elderly, immigrants, children, refugees or other groups who are in a vulnerable position.  

Two: The works will have a minimum length of 180 and a maximum of 300 pages, typed on one side with double spacing. For this purpose, bibliographical notes and annexes shall not be included, and must appear after the main text. A single font (Times New Roman) shall be used, size 12 for the text and 14 bold for the title.
Works may be presented in the following languages: English, French and Spanish

Three: Works will be presented by email before 15:00 hours on 31st March 2019 at the email address of the offices of the UINL, with an indication of the pseudonym of the author.
The identification of the pseudonym with the author(s) should be done by sending a sealed envelope by post. Outside the envelope should be indicated the chosen pseudonym and inside the name, surname, nationality, profession, address, telephone and email of the author(s). The envelope should be sent to the administrative secretariat of the UINL at the address Via Flaminia 160, 00196 Rome, Italy.
This electronic format must be in PDF format, Times New Roman, font size 12. The sealed envelope must include a sworn statement by the author indicating that the work is unpublished, that it has not been simultaneously entered in another competition and assuming the responsibility of the presenter if that is not the case. 
Submitted works will not be returned, in any case.

Four: The prize will be endowed with nine thousand euros. The Prize can be declared void or shared between several works, in which case the prize will be distributed among them.

Five: The Jury, who will decide the prizes, will be composed of a minimum of seven members and a maximum of ten. It will be presided over by the President of the UINL, or by his delegate, with the Secretary of the UINL acting as Secretary of the Jury. The other Members appointed on the Steering Committee of the UINL will have to be specialists in the study of the topic of the Prize. 

Six: The Prizes will be awarded to the most meritorious works in the opinion of the Jury, who will reach their agreement by majority vote, with particular regard for originality and practical application. The Jury may designate finalists to the works considered to be of interest. 

Seven: The agreement of the Jury will be made public at the latest 30 days before the celebration of the International Congress of the legislature in question and communicated by letter and/or phone to those who have entered. They will be given the publicity that is deemed appropriate. 

Eight: Participation in this competition implies the total acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The jury's decision is final. 

Nine: The prize-giving ceremony will be held in conjunction with the UINL International Congress, which is celebrated every three years.
The winning works, as well as the works of the finalists, will be the property of their authors, but the UINL reserves the right to include, at its expense, the awarded works in the periodical publications on its website, as well as to publish it separately on a one-off basis, without the right to any economic compensation on the part of the author who, by participating in the competition, renounces all rights by reason of such publications.  




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