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October 2nd, 2020. World Day of Notaries


October 2nd, 2020. World Day of Notaries


Today, we commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the first International Congress of Notaries, held in Buenos Aires in 1948.
This opportunity allows us to recall what happened during this year.

Rome, Luxemburg, Buenos Aires and Mexico were the first and only destinations for face-to-face activities. 

On March 11th, the WHO declared the pandemic and the lock down began. 

This new reality forced us to convert our organization's activities into virtual ones.

Therefore, I offer my deepest gratitude to all the members of the International Union of Notaries for the committed participation they have been carrying out and on this day of celebration, I call all of you to continue working for the strengthening of our institution and for the benefit of the notaries who are part of it.

Let’s continue innovating without losing our essence.

Not. Dra. Cristina N. Armella, UINL President 



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