Lionel Galliez, President of the International Union of Notaries for 2023-2025


Lionel Galliez, President of the International Union of Notaries for 2023-2025


On Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, the French notary Lionel Galliez was elected President of the International Union of Notaries (UINL) by the General Meeting of Member Notariats, in Cancun (Mexico), for the 2023-2023 legislature.

He will take office after Cristina Armella, argentine notary, first woman notary elected as head of the Union.

 « UINL is a strength and a treasure »

By representing 91 Notariats across the globe, the UINL is a strength. It is also a treasure because the UINL brings together Notariats with various backgrounds, but with a common History and shared values, said the new President.


With these convictions, Lionel Galliez will lead the UINL with the objective of continuing defending, promoting and developing the Notariat around the world. He will strengthen the communication before international organizations to promote the specificity and the utility of the profession. He will also consolidate notary professional training, to make the profession stronger and innovating, ready to assume new competences. The new president also announced that a clear and accessible notarial codification will be undertook, to become the platform where the profession will evolve based on a common guiding principles.


« Because the only genuine form of wealth is people », Lionel Galliez will be assisted by the Continental Vice-presidents: the Algerian notary Abdelhamid Achite-Henni for Africa, the Puerto Rican notary Dennis Martinez Colón for North, Central and Caribbean America, the Peruvian notary Mario César Romero Valdivieso for South America, the Chinese notary Jiaming Deng for Asia, and the German notary Jens Bormann for Europe.

Birgit Biedermann will assume the mandate of treasurer and the French notary Thierry Vachon had been appointed as Secretary.


Lionel Galliez has worked as a notary for 23 years. He currently works in Paris and he has been active in international programs for over 18 years.





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