Join the International Union as an individual member! - Message from the President


Join the International Union as an individual member! - Message from the President


Dear Notaries, Dear Colleagues,

The imperative reality of the COVID-19 pandemic continues. To a greater or lesser extent, it is present in all the countries whose Notariats are part of our International Union. 

The purpose of this communication is, first of all, to reiterate my solidarity with all the notaries of the world and their national organisations. 

Fortunately, the authorities of most of our governments have included notaries among the professionals who must continue to provide their service, which is considered essential, as we are public officers at the service of citizens and the State.  

This spirit of solidarity is not only an expression within the notarial profession. All over the world we can note the efforts of various professionals at the service of the State and international institutions, such as the medical profession, the police, the army, NGOs, volunteers, etc.

It is also in the name of this solidarity that the International Union of Notaries was formed, just after the World War II, in the midst of a period of crisis. 


It is therefore important that notaries throughout the world show solidarity today, 

and we would like to invite you to join as a UINL individual member.  


Registering as an individual member strenghten your link to the world notarial organisation!

It allows you to :

  • Consult and download all the studies, works and publications from our virtual library;
  • Consult the list of your colleagues who are also registered as individual members in all of the 89 member countries;
  • Have direct access to the digital International Journal of Notaries (RIN) and all the latest news from the UINL;
  • Participate in and benefit from reduced registration fees for UINL events, in particular for the triennial International Congress.  
  • Register for the virtual educational platform that we are currently implementing, giving access to online courses for notaries. 

Individual membership is open to all notaries from the 89 UINL Member Notariats. This includes practising notaries, candidate notaries and retired notaries.  


This is a crucial support tool for our organisation.


To register, please fill in the registration form. The financial contribution is set at 80 Euros or 100 USD per year (by bank transfer or credit card).

As soon as you register, you will receive your digital certificate through e-mail. 


Don't hesitate any longer : become an individual member ! 

It will give the UINL means to strenghthen the notarial function and advocate for it worldwide. 

Not. Dr. Cristina Noemí  Armella
President of the International Union of Notaries



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