International Women´s Day


International Women´s Day


Today, 8 March 2021, we commemorate International Women's Day. Year after year, on this occasion, the struggle of thousands of women over more than a century, who have striven to obtain recognition of our rights, becomes visible.

And when we talk about this struggle, we are referring to this courageous, continuous effort that all of these women have made in pursuit of a goal, and the goal was equality, and much has been achieved in this time, but we have not yet reached complete equality.

That is why on this occasion I raise my voice to keep that goal alive and also to renew our energies and to continue on this path.

Since those early days of this struggle until today, the world reality has changed a lot and we are protagonists thanks to the new technologies and their implementation, so I think this is the opportunity, the best opportunity to project a new plan of action for the International Union of Notaries.

And I call on all the women who hold leadership positions both in the Union and in all the member Notariats to participate in an environment of dialogue and reflection, a real world forum that will last throughout this year and will culminate on 8 March 2022, when we will be able to present our conclusions to the world.

I am very excited about this project, because I know that these conclusions will be valuable for future generations.

With this announcement I would like to greet all the notaries who are part of the eighty-nine Notariats of our international organisation and I would like to leave you with a reflection: we must continue to fight until we achieve full equality in every continent, but we must also be an example, an example of ethical and moral values and an example of all those values that make up any legally organised society. We must be an example of justice, solidarity, legal security, social peace and the common good.

Let it be so!

Thank you very much.

Not. Dra. Cristina N. ARMELLA, UINL President



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