Inauguration of the African Notarial Academy (ANAf)


Inauguration of the African Notarial Academy (ANAf)


with the patronage of the American Notarial Academy and the participation of the European Notarial Academy

The African Notarial Academy is officially launched!

The event happened on Wednesday 9th of November of 2022, upon a free and open webinar, in the presence of the UINL members, in particular the Vice-Presidents and Presidents of the Continental Commissions.

The creation of the African Notarial Academy is the result of a long process, driven by President ARMELLA and directed by Notary Abdelhamid ACHITE HENNI, UINL Vice President for Africa.

The notary from Dakar, Fatou D. MBALLO THIAM, in charge of the African Notarial Academy, ensured its implementation with the creation of a digital platform dedicated to the Academy's works: As a training tool for the African notaries, the website will host several publications and online courses.

Called the "scientific arm" of the African Commission, the objectives of the Academy are to participate in the professional training of the African notaries, increase and update their legal knowledge, promote the publication of scientific papers, develop relationships with international and supranational organizations, and more generally, develop and promote the civil law notarial system around the world.

The scientific reflection has already started with the webinar, thanks to the speeches of an African Professor, Mayatta Ndiaye MBAYE, General Director of the Ecole Régionale Supérieure de la Magistrature (ERSUMA) of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA), and an American Professor, Eugenio GIL GIL, President of the Notariat of Colombia, about The general principles of the Civil Law Notariat and their application by the Notaries in Africa and America".



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