FAO Leaflet "Achieving SDG indicator 5.a.2 in the Western Balkans and beyond" is available online


FAO Leaflet "Achieving SDG indicator 5.a.2 in the Western Balkans and beyond" is available online


The leaflet  "Achieving SDG indicator 5.a.2 in the Western Balkans and beyond" presents the results from the legal and policy assessment in the Western Balkans and Caucuses, using the FAO Legal Assessment Tool (LAT), which is VGGT compliant. The LAT results has been used prepare the reporting on the SDGs 5.a.2 indicator, for which the FAO is a custodian agency. The leaflet includes information about various good practices from the Western Balkans region and provides evidence for the progress made since the endorsement of the VGGT by the CFS by publishing gender disaggregated data from the Property Registration and Cadastre IT systems, taken in 2013 and in 2019. The gender disaggregated data shows big difference between the statistics at the national level, big cities and the rural areas. The percentage of property records with registered women as owners or co-owners vary from 58% to 9% (2019).

The work in the Western Balkans has been shared with the countries in the Caucuses region, which are taking now similar steps and are committed to work on improving gender equality in land ownerships and control and to share their experience with other countries and regions.

The leaflet is a result of joint FAO and GIZ efforts with the support from the UINL. The FAO multidisciplinary team from the Land Tenure, Gender and Legal Units in coordination with the FAORU together with the GIZ regional teams from the Western Balkans and Caucuses and UINL are continuing the support to the gender teams towards achieving the  SDGs 5.a.2 indicator.

"The UINL is committed to playing a critical role in achieving target 5.a.2. within the FAO-UINL Memorandum of Understanding,signed on 8 January 2016 the UINL is providing technical support to the national adaptation of the Regional guidelines on strengthening gender equality in notarial practices. 

Additionally, UINL is developing a new VGGT Technical Guide on the role of notaries in supporting the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure."

Source : FAO




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