Covid-19 / Message from the President


Covid-19 / Message from the President


In the context of the Covid-19 global health crisis, President Cristina N. Armella, on behalf of the International Union of Notaries, sends the following message to all Member Notariats, individual members and partners of the UINL:

"Dear Sir, Madam, 
Dear Colleagues, 

The Covid-19 crisis is unprecedented; it affects all continents, all peoples, without distinction. 

It is important that all actors in civil life, including public officials such as notaries, support States to reduce the spread of the virus and to allow hospitals to provide adequate care for sick people. 
It is in this spirit of solidarity and responsibility that we have decided not to set the dates and places for the next institutional meetings of our Union for the time being. 

In the same attitude, almost all of our members as well as the international organizations of which we are partners have already cancelled or postponed the events scheduled for the coming months. 

I would like to thank all our Member Notariats, their notaries and the individual members of the UINL for the wisdom of their decisions and invite them to continue the work and exchanges online and remotely. 

Indeed, I would remind you that the program for this legislature includes a policy of expansion of digital tools to enable fluid virtual communication between all. 
Today, more than ever before, we must rely on new technologies to connect notaries around the world and maintain contact with our public service users.  

We will begin with virtual visits to the Member Notariats according to a schedule that will be soon communicated.

Each of you can count on my support for the implementation of these virtual correspondences.

In the meantime, I invite you to remain prudent and to respect the health rules established by each country, for your loved ones, for yourselves and for all of us. 

Yours sincerely, 

Not. Dra. Cristina N. Armella
President of the International Union of Notaries



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