Congress of Albanian Notaries, December 16, 2017


Congress of Albanian Notaries, December 16, 2017


On December 16, 2017, the Albanian National Chamber of Notaries held its annual Congress.

The President of the National Chamber of Notaries, Mimoza Sadushaj, opened the day together with the President of the International Union of Notaries, Jose Marqueño de Llano, in presence notably of the President of the High Court Mr. Xhezair Zaganjori.

The Congress first work theme was dealing with the "Role and Responsibility of the Notary in Economic Transactions".

The second discussion was about "The necessity of the notaries in the Economic and Social Life of the Country".

All topics exposed during the Congress were of high interest for nowadays notaries: prevention of money laundering, mediation, digitalization.

In 2016, the Albanian notaries dealt with over 1.675.000 notarial documents, 27.000 real estate transactions.

UINL President, José Marqueño de Llano, during its opening speech, highlighted the crucial necessity for notaries to get actively involved in the fight against money laundering, in collaboration with their governments and institutions, as notaries have a public function to serve and be a key associate in that matter.






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