6th Notarial Conference-Mediterranean days / CAE meeting / CAAf meeting


June 2018
June 2018
Madrid, Spain

6th Notarial Conference-Mediterranean days / CAE meeting / CAAf meeting

The sixth edition of the Notariat Symposium « Mediterranean Days » will be held in Madrid on the 22 and 23 of June 2018. This event is co-organised by the UINL European Affairs Commission (CAE) and African Affairs Commission (CAAf), by the hosting Spanish Notariat, the initiator French Notariat and the Association Henri Capitant.

This Symposium, in its new formula, will bring together the notaries of the continents touching the Mediterranean Sea and sharing common values. Its objectives are:

  • Bringing together notaries from the Mediterranean area, develop cross-border legal cooperation, and promote cultural exchanges while respecting diversity.
  • Get to know better non-UINL Notariats.
  • This symposium also has a scientific objective, prepared by a multinational team composed of academics and notaries, focusing on legal and professional techniques and comparative law.

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