31st Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries


April 2019
April 2019
Salzburg, Austria

31st Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries

For 30 years, the Austrian Notary Chamber has organized the annual Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries in Salzburg which, traditionally, deals with European policy issues that are relevant for notaries and judicial policy. During this time, the Conference of European Civil-Law Notaries has been able to firmly establish itself in the process of opinion-forming and discussion on the further development of European legal policy.


The general theme of this year’s conference is:  Europe as a Unifying Principle – Ambition & Realisation 


Brexit, the migration crisis and Euro-critics on the rise throughout Europe: The European Union is faced with existential challenges. At this meeting the discussion will cover the threats of European disintegration and the root causes of political transformations of recent years. Another focus in the programme will be the progressing digitalisation in company law and the ever-growing interconnection of registers against the backdrop of the forthcoming implementation of the European company law package.

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