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20th Annual World Bank conference on Land and Poverty Conference 2019: “Catalyzing Innovation”


20th Annual World Bank conference on Land and Poverty Conference 2019: “Catalyzing Innovation”


The Land and Poverty conference presents the latest research and innovations in policies and good practice on land governance around the world. This conference has become one of the largest international events on land governance, attracting over 1,500 participants from governments, academics, civil society, and the private sector. See website of the event.

UINL representatives will be addressing topics such as:

Can land administration foster gender equality? (session 02-04 on March 26)
From laws to action: Achieving SDG indicator 5.a.2 in the Western Balkans 

Naomi Kenney (FAO), Adela Llatja (GIZ), Margreet Goelema (GIZ), Rumyana Tonchovska (FAO), Lovro Tomasic (UINL), Margret Vidar (FAO), Bianca Wengenmayer (UINL)

Towards the registry of the future (session 05-03 on March 27)
Preventive administration of justice – an economic catalyzer for the future?! – an analysis of the economic relevance of reliable and transparent public registers 

Rolf Knieper (Bundesnotarkammer/UINL)

How to realize the potential of blockchain for land administration? (Session 06-03 on March 27)
An example of the use of the Blockchain by the French Notariat: enforceable copies

Lionel Galliez (France/UINL) 

Emerging technologies, data ownership & privacy (Session 07-05 on March 27)
Embracing emerging technologies; preconditions, threshold, possibilities and guarantees.

Lionel Galliez (UINL) 

Improving interoperability of registries & open data access (Session 11-03 on March 28)
Digitalization of public registers and the role of legal professionals – a connection for the future

Speaker :  
Lovro Tomasic (GIZ/Bundesnotarkammer, Germany/UINL)

See full Agenda




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