2021 World Notariat University – Meet the team!


2021 World Notariat University – Meet the team!


Jean-Paul Decorps, Founder of the University 

Honorary notary and Doctor of Law, Jean-Paul Decorps was appointed notary in Marseille (France) in 1975.

He held several leading positions within the French Notariat, then internationally, before being elected UINL President from 2011 to 2013. 

Jean-Paul Decorps is also a professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Aix-Marseille III-Paul Cézanne (France) since 2002. 

He regularly gives lectures in France and abroad on Notarial Law, Civil Law, Comparative Law and International Private Law. 

In his various functions, Jean-Paul Decorps has participated extensively in the development of international notarial relations and the promotion of Continental Law. In particular, he has worked for the adoption of a civil notarial law in China. 

In 2012, in order to provide quality training to young notaries from all over the world, he founded the World Notariat University which has been since named after him. To date, nearly 750 notaries and candidate-notaries around the world have benefited from this international training. 

This year, he will deliver a lecture entitled "Distances and Authenticity". 


Thierry Vachon, Scientific Director 

Notary in Meudon (France) since 2000, Thierry Vachon is strongly involved in the international action of the Notariat in Europe and worldwide. 

He was notably President of the UINL European Affairs Commission. He was also the President of the UINL Working Group on "New Technologies" from 2017 to 2019. In these positions, he directed various practical studies in comparative and international law. 

Currently Vice-President of the UINL European Affairs Commission, he is also the Scientific Director of the World Notariat University since 2018. 

As such, Thierry Vachon delivers each year a general synthesis of the works to the participants. He will be in charge of the production of the final conclusions to be presented at the 30th International Congress of  Notaries in Mexico (Mexico) in November 2022.


Cristina N. Armella, UINL President, Professor 

Cristina N. Armella has been a notary in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 1982. 

She holds a Doctorate in Law and has held numerous leadership positions in the Argentine notary academic field. 
She is the Rector of the Argentine Notarial University (UNA) and Professor at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires. 

Cristina N. Armella is regularly invited to other universities, both in Argentina and abroad, to lecture on Notarial Law, Private Law and International Law. 

She has been teaching at the World Notariat University since its foundation in 2012, and jointly organizes with UINL, through UNA, the editions held in Argentina. 

Prior to being elected President of the UINL for 2020-2022, Cristina N. Armella served as UINL General Councilor from 2005, President of the American Notarial Academy from 2008 to 2010, and active member of the American Affairs Commission from 2017 to 2019. 

She is the author of more than 100 research articles, including consultations, case notes and doctrinal commentaries. 

For the World Notariat University, she covers the topic of "Family": marriage, divorce, cohabitation, filiation, matrimonial regime and protection of the family home. 


Christine Morin, Professor 

Christine Morin is a notary emeritus and a Doctor of Law. 
Since 2003, she has been a full professor at the Faculty of Law of Laval University where she teaches Civil Law, including the Law of individuals, family and successions.

She has represented the Notariat of Quebec as their UINL General Councilor since 2014. 

Christine Morin is a specialist in the legal protection of the elderly. She is a member of the Advisory Committee on Material and Financial Abuse of the Elderly set up by the Secretariat for the elderly and was the first holder of the Antoine-Turmel Research Chair on the Legal Protection of the Elderly (2014-2020).

She is the author of several articles on these topics. She received a Medal of Honour from the Notarial Chamber of Quebec in 2012 for her significant contribution to teaching and publishing. 

Christine Morin is currently working on various research projects and manages the "Person" module at the World Notariat University.  She invites students to think about the role of the notaries in the support of all their clients, more specifically in a digital context. 


Michel Grimaldi, Professor

Michel Grimaldi is a Doctor of Law since 1977. He has taught Civil Law and directed several Master's degrees at the Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) University. 

Michel Grimaldi is regularly invited to speak at numerous foreign Universities and also to participate in legislative reform committees: he was notably the President of the French Commission for the reform of securities, and an expert for the reform of the Civil Code in Vietnam and China.

In addition to numerous doctrinal articles, he is the author of major books on Family Property Law and the Law of succession and gifts.

He is currently Honorary President of the Association “Henri Capitant des amis de la culture juridique française”, and is the director of the editorial committee of a French notarial legal review

Within the "Successions" Module of the World Notariat university, he will study the notary’s dual mission of authentication and advice in matters of succession, with regard to the digitization of deeds and the dematerialization of goods. 


Luc Weyts, Professor 

Luc Weyts has been a notary since 1973 and holds a Doctorate of Law. 

Professor and Director of the Institute for Notarial Law at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), he is a specialist in Commercial and Company Law. 

He is the author of numerous scientific articles and has written four fundamental books on Tax Law, Company Law and Contract Law. He also participates in international conferences on a regular basis.

Luc Weyts has held several leading positions within the Belgian Notariat and was a member of the UINL General Council and President of the former Commission of Young Notaries. 

He is a pillar of the training within UINL, able to teach in French, English and Spanish with great ease, and very involved in the training of young notaries, especially in Africa. 

He leads the "Estate" Module of the World Notariat University and deals with two main acts: sale of real estate, on the one hand, and incorporation of a company, on the other hand. 


Elodie Letouche, General Coordinator 

Holder of a Notary Degree and a Degree in Comparative Law (France), Elodie Letouche has practiced Notarial Law in France and in Quebec. Passionate about International Law, she has been involved with the UINL since 2012. 

She participated in the creation of the UINL World Notariat University, followed all the editions since and held conferences to present the UINL and its activities during previous editions. 

In close collaboration with the UINL headquarter, Elodie Letouche is involved in the organization of various events of the international Notariat. She participates in the work of the UINL in partnership with international organizations, in particular with the United Nations agencies. She writes articles on the international notariat as well as various practical guides, synthesis and communications for the use of notariats and notaries worldwide.

Elodie Letouche is the link between the participants of the University and the professors, she ensures the smooth running of the event throughout the months. 



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