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2020 Virtual University opens on July 16!


2020 Virtual University opens on July 16!


For the first time in eight editions, the World Notariat University “Jean-Paul Decorps” will be entirely virtual. 

This year, 80 students representing 34 countries around the world will meet to work on the theme "The notary: a protagonist for legal security in Civil Law: Protection of the citizen - Protection of the society", with a 2020 focus on the sub-theme "Reaction and adaptability of the notarial function following the pandemic". 
A breakdown by language group was established for the preparatory work, and each group was designed to promote a good geographical diversity in each module.

The course modules are led by the following professor: 

MODULE 1: THE FAMILY - Not. Dr. Cristina Armella (Argentina, UINL President)
MODULE 2: THE PERSON - Pr. Christine Morin (Quebec)
MODULE 3: THE SUCCESSIONS - Prof. Michel Grimaldi (France)
MODULE 4: HERITAGE - PR. Luc Weyts (Belgium)

The University's opening webinar will be held on Thursday, July 16, 2020: all participants will meet via videoconference with simultaneous translation (French-English-Spanish).

The work will then be carried out remotely until the synthesis webinar in October 2020 (date to be determined). 

After several months of work and restructuring of the University to address the issues related to the pandemic situation we are experiencing across the globe, the UINL is proud to be able to offer young notaries from around the world this renowned international training course, for its eighth edition, online. 



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