2019 Global Youth Video Competition – Winning video and diffusion


2019 Global Youth Video Competition – Winning video and diffusion


The winners of the 2019 Global Youth Video Competition were announced on September 21, 2019 at the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Climate Summit that took place in New York as part of the UN climate summit.

The annual Global Youth Video Competition is an opportunity for youth from around the world to showcase their actions to combat climate change. In 2019, it was led by the secretariats of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

The selection has been made among 404 videos from 114 countries all over the world for each of the 2019 categories: 
•    Cities and local action to combat climate change;  
•    Nature-based solutions for food and human health;  
•    Balancing use of land for people and ecosystems.  

The judges first shortlisted 20 videos in each category which were then shared on YouTube for the public to choose the winners. The overall channel received almost 400,000 views. 

Laurine Heudiard, a young notary-candidate, applied to the competition to present the actions taken by the UINL and notaries worldwide as agent of change in Land tenure. 
Her video was part of the 20 finalists of her category. 

The winning video in this category was realized by Callie Broaddus, an American candidate and is entitled "The Youth Land Trust”. It will be presented at the UN Climate Change Conference in Santiago, Chile (COP 25) in December 2019.  

Multiple channels of diffusion are showcasing the videos. 

First, all the videos are available on the Youtube channel of Tvebiomovies.

In addition, a showreel was created and shown during the UN Youth Climate Summit.

Furthermore, all shortlisted videos – included the one of Laurine Heudiard – are now part of the Youth Climate Report Map, a digital archive of global youth initiatives and climate research worldwide.  



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