"The Notary and the natural person", introduction to Theme II of the 29th International Congress of Notaries


"The Notary and the natural person", introduction to Theme II of the 29th International Congress of Notaries


At a time when everything changes, from the natural person’s experience to the regulations that support it, the theme of this 29th edition of the International Congress of Notaries is of major interest.

From birth to death, the natural person goes through different steps and make important decisions about his condition and heritage. It requires, in various situations, the intervention of a competent third party. 

Therefore, the theme of this Congress allows us to get back to the active and positive involvement of the Notary in all the aspects of the natural person’s life, both patrimonial and non-patrimonial.

At the theoretical level, it allows us to have a clear view of the place that the notarial profession occupies in the natural persons’ life. In practical terms, this theme aims at featuring the close relationship between the notary and the natural person. It will therefore be an opportunity to define the parameters needed and the performance indicators of the notarial profession in the lives of individuals 

In short, the general objective pursued is to apprehend the relationship between the Notary and the natural legal person and build up mutual trusted legal relations between the persons, which are the pledge of legal security and social peace.


The 29th International Congress of Notaries will be held in Jakarta (Indonesia) from 27 to 30 November 2019.

The topics of study of the 29th Congress are :

- Theme I: "Validity of the Notariat's Principles in the 21st Century"

- Theme II: "The Notary and the natural person"

More information soon ...

Source: Work plan prepared by International Coordinator of Theme II, Me Fatou MBALLO-THIAM (Sénégal)

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