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"The Notariat and People in situation of vulnerability: Challenges for the Future", General Meeting of Members Notariats’ topic of study


"The Notariat and People in situation of vulnerability: Challenges for the Future", General Meeting of Members Notariats’ topic of study


The General Meeting of the 87 Notariats Members of the International Union of Notaries will be held for its second session of the 2017-2019 legislature on October 1st and 2nd,  2018, in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In line with the priorities set by the legislature with regard to the defense of the person, this meeting will be the opportunity to address the following theme of internal study "The Notariat and people in situation of vulnerability: Challenges for the Future.” through a Forum of exchanges between the Notariat and various actors of the protection of Human rights.

Through the presentations and debates, it is expected that:

- UINL confirms its position as an international reference capable of cooperating efficiently with world institutions and governments for the protection of fundamental rights, highlighting the quality of the notarial profession to ensure legal security, that allows both social development and cohesion;

- The World Notariat confirms and reinforces its contribution to the defense of higher values ​​such as freedom, equality, justice, legal certainty, truth, social peace, which are intimately linked to Human rights and social development;

- Notaries all over the world are better able to meet the challenges they currently face both at the institutional level and in the daily exercise of their function including: support of capacity, judgment of discernment, control of respect of the will and prevention of abuses, the access to justice, etc.

Representatives from the United Nations on the rights of persons with disabilities, the Hague Conference on Private International Law, and the Argentinian National Body of Mental Health Review will participate in this Forum to address among other issues: The Notariat's role in Sustainable Development Goals; the notarial function in the protection of the elderly; the challenges of the Notariat with regard to equality and access to justice; notarial intervention in determining support for the exercise of the legal capacity of persons with disabilities.

For the record, Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of 13 December 2006, "Equal recognition before the Law", establishes that measures relating to the exercise of the legal capacity of persons disabilities must be accompanied by appropriate safeguards, which must be subject to control by "a competent, independent and impartial authority".

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Ms. Catalina Devandas Aguilar, in her special report presented in December 2017 specifically referred to the Notariat as a competent authority within the meaning of Article 12.





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